Our mission is simple, to make it as easy as possible for you to experience beautiful wines.

We research and import wines from small producers not yet present in the UK, thereby giving you the opportunity to taste something new and exciting. There are no membership fees and no monthly commitments. Each month you have the opportunity to purchase the Wine of the current month. Any surplus stock is also available and can be found in the 'Wine Library'. So, you just buy when you see something you like and are ready to try something new and different!

Wine of the Month was born deep in the heart of the Italian Alps in the beautiful village of St Rhemy en Bosses on a snowy winter's day in February 2017.

Fresh from the ski slopes and relaxing with a sparkling white, Edoardo and Andrew, friends for over 25 years, had turned to one of their favourite subjects, fine wines of distinction. Edoardo, the trained Italian Sommelier, passionately shared his latest discoveries whilst Andrew shared his deep frustration at the endless wine catalogues that arrived in the post offering a complex choice of several hundred wines. If only there was a beautiful and simple website that offered just one spectacular value for money wine of distinction each month, selected by a trusted Sommelier. As the last of the sparkling wine was happily consumed, Wine of the Month was born and the decision was made to create a place of beauty where the wine expert and novice could both go to purchase gorgeous affordable wines.

We hope you enjoy being part of our Wine of the Month adventure and we look forward to scouring the globe to find our fellow wine lovers a host of special wines in the months and years ahead.

Trade Enquiries

Wine of the Month Ltd is a wine importer and distributor that specialises in bringing affordable sumptuous wines to the UK. For trade enquiries we can deliver by the case to restaurants, hotels and hospitality business please email

Edoardo Cavallo


Edoardo was born in Piedmont, northern Italy, a region surrounded by fine vineyards and grew up in a family of winemakers. His passion for wine and winemaking has continued to this day. He founded Wine of the Month to bring fine wines to a wider audience.